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is also a Site for People who wish to enjoy and benefit spiritually and mentally from the increased availability and evolution of the VARIOUS FORMS OF CULTURE in the Algarve.

We include all the arts but due to the graphic nature of any website we emphasise the visual aspects.

The Written Word, Architecture and Sculpture, Ceramics, Photography and related art-forms such as Graffiti, the visual aspects of food, Museums, Theatre and possibly Dress can be shown in graphic form.

In the main, links to these will appear on this page.

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It is equally interesting for visitors to enjoy The Arts as it is for those who live here permanently!

It is recommended that trips are taken to our neighbouring Spain (especially Seville) and of course, other parts and towns in Portugal.  The photograph shown above of Mértola is just north of the eastern-most part of the Algarve and, as is true for this small town on the upper reaches of the Rio Guadiana, other small towns are well worth visiting!

…Discover, Enjoy and maybe Live in the lesser known but better areas of the Algarve.  We specialize in property which has been minimally affected by the damaging aspects of tourism.

To present the best, this website is in constant development with frequent additions….


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