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Two-storey house with extensive, mature gardens and swimming-pool…

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Countryside Neighbourhood north of Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo Algarve, Portugal

Situated at the topmost location of a hamlet.

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elegantly built, modern and traditional house

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There are gardened areas all around the house which are largely composed of trees, shrubs and smaller plants that require very little maintenance due to the choices and landscaping when these areas were originally established.  Water for household use, irrigation and the pool is drawn from a borehole.

At the rear, the garden rises in terraces accessed by stone steps.  As one rises, the views become more splendid and open all over the area.  A a pair of solar panels is fixed at the top edge to heat domestic water.

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An environment of very special qualities…

Für Informationen klicken Sie bitte auf Margaret oder rufen an:  (+351) 964 604 550

For Information click on Margaret or phone to:  (+351) 964 604 550


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