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For Sale - Vende-se - Zu-verkaufen - Te koop - Farmhouse Ruin in Aporfiosa - Beautiful stonework.  Prepared drawings for Outline Planning Consent for Modified Building, partly in Wood…

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The photographs  -  take a look at the slide-show below, around ‘Aporfiosa’

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Toby and Nina have decided to sell the ruin and its land and have Outline Planning Consent approved by the local Council for a project for implementation by the new owner.  They will accept reasonable offers.  So if you are interested in seeing it and maybe then buying it, please make arrangements by sending an email for INFO or make a phone-call to find out more from:-

 (for initial contact with Olga):- (+351) 966 217 820 (in Russian or Portuguese.)

Or for fuller details with Robin:- (+351) 964 604 550  (in English or Portuguese.)


Santa Catarina Hills, Tavira, Portugal, South West Europe

(the sunniest part of Europe!)

North of Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo, Tavira, Algarve, Portugal, Europe

An Architectural Project for a house partly made in timber has been conceived for presentation to the local authority for approval.  The new building would be c.300M2 integrated into Beautiful Old Farmhouse in partial ruin.

Superbly located the hills.

See photos below!

Says Nina:

“Buy ‘Aporfiosa’ for total peace and tranquility.  Our beautiful old farmhouse ruin is nestled into the side of  the Aperfiosa hill within and overlooking the ‘Serra de Santa Catarina’ (Santa Catarina Hills), an area of the Algarve, famed for its natural beauty.  The immediate area is ideal for long country walks and bird-watching and wonderful picnics.  At certain times of the year over 150 species of birds can be observed including the golden oriole, hoopoe, bee-eaters and rare eagles,….”

Says Robin:

Firstly.  I would like to say that in my many years of explorations and experiences in the hills I have come across a very small number of stone-built houses with such compact and durable quality as found in parts of this ruin.  The rear wall is a fine example and could well be incorporated into the rebuilding of this house.  Apart from this, there are several other features which deserve conservation (as can be seen in the photo-show below).

An architectural project has been envisaged for this house which includes the extensive use of timber.  (See sketch.)

The setting is paradisal - wooded with terraced fields below and a number of springs and wells close by.  Views from the house are truly beautiful and the environs idyllic, totally free from the buzz of civilization.  During the long spring period you can enjoy walks in the elevated regions in these hills, rest and meditate, write your book, paint the flora, engage in serious bird-watching and picnics.

Access to the Internet with your smart-phone is good from anywhere around the property.

From the main, tar macadam road driving north from Santa Catarina village, you enter a vehicle track with a local sign ‘CRUZES’ on your right and drive along a ridge behind the small, abandoned settlement called Aporfiosa.  A track leads down to your property which forks off from the main, top track and leads you down to the ruin and below that a clutch of picturesque ruins a lie a little way below.


Aporfiosa has a prepared project for presentation to the town hall for approval.

Santa Catarina hills, Tavira, Eastern Algarve.